About a month ago I stopped to eat at a local restaurant I had never been to before. The accent of my server was one that was unfamiliar to me so I simply asked the nation of his origin. He came from a country about which I know very little. In the matter of a minute or two I learned a few things about his situation. We exchanged names and I went on my way.

Yesterday we were able to speak again.

It was about 1:30 p.m. and I had missed lunch. I was driving by the restaurant and heard the Spirit of God prompting me to stop. Once again, he was my server. I ordered something light to eat and looked for opportunities to continue our conversation from a month before. I called him by name and he shared that although he served many people he remembered my previous visit.

One of the great things about this encounter is that the restaurant was almost empty. He was able to linger around my table and talk. I mostly asked questions and kept the focus on his life. In the matter of a few minutes I learned about his journey to this country, his wife, and 6 month old child. As I listened I also discerned that he was a little lonely.

When he went to get my check, I wondered what type of friends he had made.  Is his wife lonely, too? Does he have a relationship with Jesus?

When he returned I asked a final question.

I said, “I don’t know much about your native land. I was wondering if we could have coffee sometime and you could tell me about your culture?” Smiling from ear to ear he replied that he would love to have coffee with me. He even extended an invitation to his home. Before I could ask, he wrote his phone number for me. It’s on my desk in front of me right now.

I look forward to seeing him again and the possibility of forming a new friendship. I also get to learn a little about a place far, far away.

Let me challenge you to be aware of those around you today. Take a little time and listen. Ask a few questions. I have found that most people will engage you in conversation if you ask a few simple questions. You just might make a new friend and get to drink some coffee.

Grace and Peace,


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