One of the outcomes of the church gathering should be the joy of being linked together. Last night, as we met at the Thorne’s, there was no doubt that our lives were joined with God and with one another.

Let me share a few things that I believe helped this to happen:

  • The hosts as well as other members of the group had practiced the life habit of linking with God prior to our arrival
  • We came with the expectation that Christ would manifest himself among us and we were not disappointed
  • We were greeted at the door with hugs and welcomes
  • Kerre had prepared a great meal and we relaxed after a long day and shared a few stories as we ate together
  • Aaron was prepared and did a great job facilitating a discussion and leading us to focus on ways to bless people in our circles of influence
  • We shared some stories about how God was working in our lives and the lives of people we love and care about
  • We talked about ways that God might link us together with others and how he could use us to bless them
  • We encouraged and “spurred” one another on to good works
  • We shared some deep concerns and prayed for one another and for people we love

We left with the challenge of staying linked together during the coming week by face-to-face contact, phone, text, email, Facebook etc. so we could continue encouraging one another.

Just because a group of people meet together doesn’t mean that they will experience such a union but we should always desire it and trust God to provide it. If you are you part of a group like this put some of the above ideas into practice the next time you meet.

Grace and Peace,

Join the conversation: Have you ever experienced a time when you felt especially linked to other members of group? If so, share a story with us.

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