Last night I spent the evening with a lot of people I don’t know (but my wife does). I went to the PTA fundraiser – a Chili Cook-off. I even took a pot of chili. There are at least 8 reasons why eating chili was pretty cool.

  1. Linking – I was able to link with Beth in her efforts to build relationships with people, many of whom need a walk with Christ.
  2. Linking – I was able to be in close proximity with a large number of people in Beth’s circle of influence. People will seldom come to us so we need to go to the places they frequent.
  3. Loving – Linking with my wife in this mission strengthened our relationship with one another. It showed that I value her and her work and was a way to publicly express my love for her.
  4. Loving – I was able to be loving toward the members of Beth’s teaching team by making and bringing their chili entry.
  5. Listening – I was able to visit with several people, centering the conversation on them and listening to them.
  6. Looking – Being aware that God is always working, I was able to see his activity in the lives of some of the people I met.
  7. Linking – We’re going out to dinner with a couple next week.

Let me encourage you to find some time to join some fellow believers (maybe your own family members) and connect with some people you may not know very well. Spend some time listening to them and look to see where God is working. Who knows what doors of ministry might open.

Oh, I almost forgot #8 – I Like Chili!

Grace and Peace,

Join the Conversation: Have you recently intentionally gone any place to be in close proximity with people with whom you can build relationships? What were the results?

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