While the churches in our simple church network meet on a regular basis during the week, we don’t limit our church activity to these set times and days. For us, we don’t “go” to church, we are the church. We practice being the body of Christ in our day to day lives. In these meetings we pretty much follow a 4 W’s format but always with freedom and flexibility and an emphasis on edification.

Our groups also gather for teaching and worship on Sunday and these meetings are marked by participation and sharing. This summer we are encouraging every member to sponsor or host a Sunday gathering of the church.

This hosting or sponsoring may or may not be in their homes. It can be in any location near their house or apartment. It might be in a park, a meeting room in a local restaurant, a parking lot, a back yard, etc. The time of the meeting will depend on the location and choice of activities.

We are doing this for several reasons:

  • To make disciples by encouraging attendance of friends and family members who might feel more comfortable at a location that a member hosts
  • To mature the body of Christ
  • To break the monotony of always meeting at the same location
  • To share responsibility and give those who regularly host meetings a break

How could hosting meetings such as these make disciples and mature members?

Grace and Peace,


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