Helping with the laundryI don’t know how many times I have told a friend, “If there is anything I can do to help, just call me?” but I do know that they almost never call. When someone is experiencing grief at a time of death it is especially difficult to ask for help. The reasons may range from not knowing what to ask for to feeling guilty about being the center of attention.

Rather than asking them to call you if they need something, know what you do well and take the initiative with some specific offers of help. You could choose one or more from the following list of ideas or use it to spark your own creative ideas.

Practical Ideas To Help A Grieving Friend

  1. Bring dinner or a meal that can be frozen to be heated later
  2. Make phone calls
  3. Shuttle family to and from the airport
  4. Help with children
  5. Provide transportation to run errands
  6. Tend to the needs of pets or plants
  7. Help clean the house
  8. Mow the lawn
  9. Do laundry
  10. Go grocery shopping

If you have any other ideas of actions one can take to help a friend at the time of a death in the family use the comments section below and share them with us.

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