I’ve learned along the way that good guests never come empty-handed. They should bring some kind of a gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive; something you made in your own kitchen or flowers from your garden are excellent choices.

The other day when I was a guest in the home of Gerald and Joan Aalbers I stopped at one of my favorite bakeries and brought some goodies. We really enjoyed them together along with a cup of coffee.

If bringing a gift for your host is good etiquette, should we come empty handed when we gather together as God’s people?

The meetings in our simple church are interactive and marked by participation. Our members (partners) are always encouraged to bring something to the gathering. What they bring varies from week to week and might include:

  • a story of what God is doing in their life and the lives of those with whom they regularly interact
  • a song to sing for or to be sung by the group
  • a scripture through which God has been speaking
  • a word from God we all need to hear
  • a prayer need
  • a prayer for some member of the group or the group as a whole
  • an offering or gift to be used for God’s glory
  • something to eat
  • other . . .

The next time you meet with a group of believers intentionally bring something to share.

Grace and Peace,

Join the conversation: What is something you could bring to the next gathering of your church. What are some bullets you would add under the topic “other?”

P.S. Can you identify the pastries in the photo?

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