Here are five of the top reasons I started Coffee Cup Conversation.

1. To help Christians better live out the mission of Christ

Those of us who follow Christ are called to live out His mission and I want to help you to better live an incarnational, missional life.

2. To create and maintain a conversation for a network of fellow sojourners

We all need a network of friends who travel with us on this journey. Join me and let’s blaze a trail.

3. To make a difference

I want to see people’s lives transformed by Christ.

4. To share what God is teaching me

Your conversation with me will help me track what God is teaching me and give me a place to review my progress.

5. To keep me focused on the mission

I’m just like everyone else. I get distracted with the everyday tasks of life. Your joining the conversation helps me stay focused on the mission.

I definitely want to have a conversation with you so jump in there, make a comment and let’s have a cup of coffee.


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