I need other people in my life.

I am not strong enough, or smart enough, or influential enough by myself. To fulfill the mission on which Christ sends me, I must be part of a group of fellow travelers. If I understand my Bible correctly, New Testament Christianity is always expressed in community.

Multiplication not Addition

Partnering with fellow believers does more than add to my efforts. It actually multiplies my effectiveness. I don’t waste my time when I meet with my simple church group. My time is compounded through connecting with them.

Being part of a basic Christian community . . .

  1. Makes me a better disciple
  2. Gives me a place to use my spiritual gifts effectively
  3. Allows me to practice the “one another’s” of scripture
  4. Supplies a place for me to be a disciplemaker
  5. Encourages me through the companionship of fellow travelers
  6. Increases my usefulness to others
  7. Compounds my influence in the mission of Christ

Choose one of the seven items above and make it your focus the next time you meet with your group of fellow believers.

Grace and Peace,

Join the Conversation: How God has multiplied your influence through your partnership with other believers?

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