My One Another CommunityGod has always lived in community—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He has never been alone. The idea of community is not the invention of man or the product of society. It has its very root in the triune nature of God.

God’s Together Community

Jesus in His great mission of reconciliation from the Father established a new kind of community which he called the church. Jesus does something for that new community that only God can do. He indwells it and joins its members together by His Spirit.

In my journey towards simple church I am continuing to learn the value of community. I am learning that church is more than meetings and events. Church for me has become a way of practicing the “one another’s” of the New Testament.

Some Scriptural One Another’s

Here’s an idea. Bookmark this post, come back every day and follow the links to one of these scripture passages. Record the opportunities you had to practice these “one another’s” in your community of faith.

Grace and Peace,

Join the Conversation: Do you have a small group of friends that helps you practice these and other similar scriptural admonitions? How are you putting these practices into action in your life?

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