LetUs Love One AnotherHis young hand shot up without hesitancy and then he voiced the first scripture passage, 1 John 3:18-20. Eight year old Lucas (nine in two days) was the first to read from the printed sheet. It contained a number of verses to help us reflect on God’s love for us, our love for God and our love for others.

His brother Andrew (age 11) was right behind him reading 1 John 4:19-21. Second grader Joelle added John 3:16-17.

Fellowship with One Another

Our church met at a local retreat center where we shared a meal, played some fun games and spent some time singing. Ranging in age from 23 months to 60 years, we sat in a circle as the Spirit of God spoke to us and through us.

Beth and a few others told some stories about where they are seeing God at work. Others led the group in songs and choruses prompted from the scripture passages. Twenty-three month old Jack danced and clapped as we sang “Father We Adore You.” Joni said that she was suddenly reminded of a scripture song she learned as a young girl but couldn’t remember the tune. As soon as she finished quoting the words Dalia, Ardie, and Rebekah, were singing it. Testimonies were given about memorizing scripture songs as children. Sandi played her guitar and we worshiped as she sang from her heart.

Instructing One Another

Sitting in Tio David’s lap, four year old Johnny was learning from the example of his elder in Christ. He wanted to share a scripture. He pointed to one on the page and repeated two or three words at a time as David read the scripture . . .

The Father himself…loves you…because…you have loved me…and…have believed…that I came from God. (John 16:27)

Praying with and for One Another

To close we asked for three people to pray. Bill opened with praise for the love God has shown us and His allowing us to respond to that love. Lucas chimed in thanking God for loving us first. Our hearts joined his as he prayed the scripture passage he and his brother had read earlier. Jonathan closed with a confession for himself and all of us about our lack of being aware of opportunities to love others.

Click on last week’s post, My One Another Community, to review a partial list of scripture admonitions.

Grace and Peace,

Join the Conversation: What do you think are some of the values of participating with one another as described above?

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