Coffee grounds for my gardenThere’s a lot of question and opinions out there about use off old coffee grounds. I heard that in a year nearly 8 million tons of coffee beans are harvested. We drink our fair share of coffee at our house and have a lot of grounds left over. For gardening we use some in compost piles because they can be considered a “green” or nitrogen source. But what else can I do with these leftovers?

Will coffee grounds clog my sink?

I read a post at lifehacker that points to a news report stating that grounds make a great drain de-clogger and deodorizer. I have never put coffee grounds in the drain because I thought they would not “de-clog” but “clog.”

I went surfing on the net to find out more and now I’m confused.

Some say yes in the drain, others say not in the drain. What do I do?

What about coffee grounds in my garden?

A lot of people tout putting coffee grounds around their plants but from what I have read the acidity of the grounds is not good for all plants – so be careful.

It seems that coffee grounds will sometimes harm your container plants. But which ones? How many grounds?

Can I use coffee grounds as a deodorizer?

Now, one idea I think I will try is using my perked-out grounds to absorb odors in my refrigerator. The suggestion is to dry the grounds; put them in an old yogurt or margarine tub; poke holes in the lid and put it in the fridge and freezer. Should last a month or so.

So many questions. So much to ponder. Let’s go fill our coffee cups talk about these things?

Grace and Peace,

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