Living the missionI’ve been practicing the life habit of spending time alone with God for some time now. I’ve gotten better at practicing the habit of listening to God’s voice as I link or connect with him on a daily basis. My love for the savior has grown and I have learned how to express that love to him. Over the past couple of years I have added a new discipline that has given those morning times a greater purpose. I have started practicing the life habit of “leaving.”

I believe that God wants to spend time with me and that he speaks to me through his word. It’s great loving the Father and having him love on me. He has knocked off a lot of rough edges from my life in those morning hours.

He has used those times to transform me – to make me look more like Jesus. But if I am to look like Jesus, I can’t stay in my prayer closet. I have to leave, remembering that he has sent me on his mission.

Jesus spent time in quiet places praying and communing with the Father but he left those places to walk among the people. He spent time privately teaching his disciples but so much of that teaching time was to debrief them after showing them what his mission was about.

Search your scriptures and notice how many times you find Jesus out and among the people who needed him. Seashores, dinners with tax collectors, cemeteries, on the road to this town or that town. . .

What does it mean to develop the life habit of leaving?

It means that our leaving is intentional. It has a purpose. We are on a great mission today – the same mission as that of Jesus.

Expect some divine appointments along the way of your life. Look for those who need to see Jesus in you. Be aware of the neighbor or coworker who is searching for a better story. When you interact with them remember the mission. Go about your way on purpose.

Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” –  John 20:21 NIV

Enjoy the journey,

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