When I was a boy I marveled at the mystery of the wind. I loved watching the tall stalks of golden wheat bend and sway in the West Texas breeze. There was something magical about the tug of the string as a kite soared in the air.

The wind is a symbol for the Holy Spirit. The word spirit both in the Greek of the New Testament and the Hebrew of the Old Testament means “breath” or “wind.” Two key New Testament passages about the Spirit are John 3:8 and Acts 2:2-4.

Think about these properties of the wind.

  • The wind aids in the blowing seeds to new places and pollinating plants.
  • We cannot see where the wind comes from or where it is going but we can see its effects.
  • The wind can be experienced as a gentle breeze in the leaves or a stormy blast breaking limbs.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee as you watch this 3:15 minute short film that captures the magic and wonder of the unseen wind from Whitestone Motion Pictures.

I think I am going to buy a kite, let it soar in the air and talk about my old friend with my grandchildren.

Grace and Peace,

Join the conversation: Is the wind and old friend of yours? Can you describe some of the things you felt as you watched the video?

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