Easter CrossWe are so quick to rush to Sunday and the resurrection that we don’t stop to think about what it was like for Christ’s followers on Saturday. For us Saturday is a day of waiting because we know what happens on Sunday. But for the disciples it was a day of mourning that undoubtedly left them with feelings of hopelessness.

Something deep in their guts cried, “No more!”

  • No more miracles – Jesus is dead.
  • No more healing of broken bodies – Jesus is dead.
  • No more stories about the Kingdom – Jesus is dead.
  • No more Messiah – Jesus is dead.
  • No more water of life – the river is dry.
  • No more bread of life – the oven is cold.
  • Only shadows – no more light.
  • Only the eerie quietness after the passing of a storm.
  • Only death – a tomb – emptiness – hopelessness.

We know the end of the story that they were soon to learn. That they would soon be able to say, “The Lord is risen” and respond with “He is risen indeed!” We know their hope is restored when they encounter the risen Christ.

But, let’s not rush to the empty tomb just yet.

Let’s take some time today and try to feel the pain, the emptiness, the lostness. Let’s try to identify with those all around us who have not yet found the hope of the resurrection.

Pause on this Saturday and as best as possible feel the hopelessness of a world without Jesus.

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