Church is more than having a weekly meeting – large or small. It includes doing life together. Being part of God’s family is about being connected in friendships. Besides needing a group of friends with whom we can spend a lot of time, doing everyday stuff together is just plain fun.

Let me encourage you to find a group of Christ followers with whom you can…

  • celebrate special occasions
  • have some place to go on the holidays when you have no family near
  • hang out with watching the Final Four, Dancing with the Stars, Lost…
  • call on in the middle of the night for help in a crisis
  • share food, fun, laughter and tears

Randy Frazee writes:

“For most of the last decade of the twentieth century, two television shows, Seinfeld and Friends, consistently received the top awards from the People’s Choice Awards…What both shows have in common is a small group of friends that go in and out of each other’s lives and apartments spontaneously more times in a half hour than most ‘real’ Americans experience in a year. Seinfeld even promoted itself as a show ‘about nothing.’ Why would busy Americans watch a show about nothing? Because it wasn’t about nothing—it was about a group of great friends spending lots of spontaneous time together, talking about everyday stuff and loving every minute of it.”- Randy Frazee; The Connecting Church, page 123

Get together with a group of friends this week and enjoy being together.

Grace and Peace,

Join the Conversation: What are some things your simple church or small group does to experience life together?

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