Those of you who know me well, know that I am not a singer by any stretch of the imagination. I’m one of those guys that people turn around and look at when they hear me singing – – and it’s not because of the outstanding quality of my voice. As a matter of fact some would prefer that I were “outstanding” on the sidewalk.

But I love to sing and sometimes I practice the life habit of loving God by singing to him. Many times I have felt hesitation about singing in front of people but never about singing in front of God. I always feel his love when I praise him.

A while back I was spending some time at the beginning of my day loving God by singing to him that little chorus, Father I Adore You. When I left for the day to be on mission with him I caught myself singing it from time to time in my head and sometimes out loud (in my car). The rhythm of that life habit just kept repeating itself throughout the day and it made me aware of his presence and kept me focused on the mission of loving others.

Put your coffee cup down and spend a spend a little time loving the Father, Jesus and the Spirit and sing along with the Maranatha! Singers’ version of Terrye Coelho’s song Father I Adore You. Pay particular attention the images in the video. Do they give you any ideas about how loving God can affect the way you love others today?

Live the Rhythm,

P.S. Join the conversation. What are some ways you practice the life habit of loving God.

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