Hi, my name is Terry Sanders and I want to thank you for joining me here.

Through the years I’ve developed and refined some great ideas while having a conversation over a cup of coffee. I’ve also discovered the solutions to some problems at those same relaxing times.

Coffee Cup Conversation is a place to share some thoughts about living out the mission of Christ (what some would call living incarnationally and missionally). Here you will find some simple ideas and tips about being an everyday Christ follower. You’ll even find a little inspiration to put these ideas into practice along the way.

The information and ideas you will find here are centered on the model of Christ’s engagement with the world and his sending his followers into that world just like his Father sent him. I want to help you discover practical ways to live that mission on an everyday basis. I want to encourage you to live a seamless life without a separation between the sacred and secular.

I have been a church leader for more than 30 years, having served in such positions as youth minister, education minister, director of church services for a Christian university and pastor. I have been mentor and friend and have had hundreds of coffee cup conversations through the years.

The path I have been on since January of 2003 has been the most exciting and rewarding of the journey.  I simplified my life and ministry and helped establish a simple, organic, relational church. I have discovered firsthand what it is to live everyday in the power of the Spirit on mission with Christ and I want to share some of the things I have learned along the way.

In addition to being a practitioner of simple church I lead a non-profit called Starboard Nets Ministries. Through this ministry I coach pastors and church leaders to help them successfully practice simple church principles.

I am still discovering wonderful treasures on this path and I want to invite you to join me on this incredible journey.

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