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My 100 Posts Milestone

This is my 100th post since starting Coffee Cup Conversation in January of 2010! It’s been fun and challenging. Thanks for your comments. It’s not a conversation without your input.

I need your help

Will you help me reach my goal of 100 subscribers. You can receive free weekly updates by email or subscribe to your favorite blog reader. If you want to know a little more about how to sign up go to How to Get Free Updates to My Blog.

Top 10 Post

These are the 10 posts that got the most clicks over the past 6 months.

  1. Small Group Communication Channels
  2. Who Gets To Eat The Fruit Of The Spirit?
  3. My One Another Community
  4. The Sending God
  5. 5 Questions To Ask Before Meeting With Your Church
  6. Interviews Concerning Simple Church
  7. 5 Ways To Encourage One Another
  8. How Small Group Questions Carry Over To Everyday Life
  9. You Are Loved and You Belong Here Now
  10. Facilitating A Group Meeting With The 4 W’s

Join the conversation

Grab a cup of coffee and click through some of the favorites above and leave a comment.

I look forward to the days ahead.

Grace and Peace,


Simplifying Some Life Issues

Simplifying LifeI took a break from writing for a few weeks. There have been a lot competing issues in our lives and it was difficult for me to concentrate on the blog.

Now, mind you, I did not give up coffee or conversation – just blogging. I’m more of an oral communicator and many times putting words on paper or the digital page does not come easy for me. I needed to simplify life a little, so I put the blog aside to concentrate on some important family matters.

I plan to start posting again tomorrow, so get your coffee cups ready and let’s share some ideas together.

Grace and Peace,


How to Get Free Updates to My Blog

A couple of readers have asked to explain what it means to “subscribe” to Coffee Cup Conversation.

All updates are free.

For older folks like me the word “subscribe” gives the impression that I have to pay for something in order to get it. (Like a magazine subscription.) Well, not here. Updates to my blog won’t cost you a penny. They’re free. So, don’t let the word “subscribe” throw you.

There are two ways to get these free updates.

1. Get posts via a RSS feed

RSS is short for “Really Simple Syndication.” You can subscribe to blog posts using a feed reader sometimes called an aggregator. You can search the net to find a variety of free feed readers like Google Reader, Bloglines and NetVibes.

Google Reader

Right now I personally use Google Reader because I can sign in using my free gmail account and have access to iGoogle, Google Docs, etc.

I like using a feed reader because the blogs I subscribe to come to me.  All my feeds are in one place and I don’t have to visit each site separately. It’s sort of like creating my own newspaper and choosing the sections I want to include. My RSS reader regularly checks my feeds for new entries keeping me in touch when new information is added. Whenever I open Google Reader – there they are. I can easily choose which posts I want to read, make comments, star as favorites, etc.

Once you choose and install your feed reader of choice, all you have to do is click on the orange RSS icon you see over to the right and at the top of the page . Then, just  follow the instructional steps.

If you use newer versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer all you have to do to subscribe to the feed is to click on that little orange feed icon at the top of the page in the address bar.

2. Get udates by email

If you don’t want to set up a feed reader and use RSS you can get my free blog updates sent to your email address. When you subscribe to Coffee Cup Conversation via email you will get a weekly digest sent to your inbox every Monday morning. It will contain a brief summary of all articles posted the previous week. You just click on the post and it takes you to the blog.

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What Now?

1. Get Google Reader (or some other feed reader)
2. Sign up for Coffee Cup Conversation via RSS


1. Sign up for your free email subscription
2. Respond to the opt in emails you will receive

Grace and Peace,

5 Reasons I Started Blogging

Here are five of the top reasons I started Coffee Cup Conversation.

1. To help Christians better live out the mission of Christ

Those of us who follow Christ are called to live out His mission and I want to help you to better live an incarnational, missional life.

2. To create and maintain a conversation for a network of fellow sojourners

We all need a network of friends who travel with us on this journey. Join me and let’s blaze a trail.

3. To make a difference

I want to see people’s lives transformed by Christ.

4. To share what God is teaching me

Your conversation with me will help me track what God is teaching me and give me a place to review my progress.

5. To keep me focused on the mission

I’m just like everyone else. I get distracted with the everyday tasks of life. Your joining the conversation helps me stay focused on the mission.

I definitely want to have a conversation with you so jump in there, make a comment and let’s have a cup of coffee.