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Creative Uses For Disposable Coffee Cups

Recycle Used Coffee CupsWhat would a coffee cup conversation be without a little talk about coffee related topics from time to time? I found a couple of great ideas for using a disposable coffee cup for some of those around the house projects involving your ceiling, like drilling a hole or painting.

Check out these neat tips at Instructables (via Lifehacker) for using coffee cups to help keep things cleaner when working around the house.

Next time you need to work on your ceiling these ideas might just save you some clean-up. If you reuse a disposable coffee cup you will also save a little room in the landfill.

Grace and Peace,


Time Change

Don’t forget to move your clocks forward an hour when you go to bed Saturday night because here in the good ol’ USA Daylight Savings Time begins at 2:00 a.m. on March 14.

The Wind Is an Old Friend of Mine

When I was a boy I marveled at the mystery of the wind. I loved watching the tall stalks of golden wheat bend and sway in the West Texas breeze. There was something magical about the tug of the string as a kite soared in the air.

The wind is a symbol for the Holy Spirit. The word spirit both in the Greek of the New Testament and the Hebrew of the Old Testament means “breath” or “wind.” Two key New Testament passages about the Spirit are John 3:8 and Acts 2:2-4.

Think about these properties of the wind.

  • The wind aids in the blowing seeds to new places and pollinating plants.
  • We cannot see where the wind comes from or where it is going but we can see its effects.
  • The wind can be experienced as a gentle breeze in the leaves or a stormy blast breaking limbs.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee as you watch this 3:15 minute short film that captures the magic and wonder of the unseen wind from Whitestone Motion Pictures.

I think I am going to buy a kite, let it soar in the air and talk about my old friend with my grandchildren.

Grace and Peace,

Join the conversation: Is the wind and old friend of yours? Can you describe some of the things you felt as you watched the video?

Coffee Grounds for Debate

Coffee grounds for my gardenThere’s a lot of question and opinions out there about use off old coffee grounds. I heard that in a year nearly 8 million tons of coffee beans are harvested. We drink our fair share of coffee at our house and have a lot of grounds left over. For gardening we use some in compost piles because they can be considered a “green” or nitrogen source. But what else can I do with these leftovers?

Will coffee grounds clog my sink?

I read a post at lifehacker that points to a news report stating that grounds make a great drain de-clogger and deodorizer. I have never put coffee grounds in the drain because I thought they would not “de-clog” but “clog.”

I went surfing on the net to find out more and now I’m confused.

Some say yes in the drain, others say not in the drain. What do I do?

What about coffee grounds in my garden?

A lot of people tout putting coffee grounds around their plants but from what I have read the acidity of the grounds is not good for all plants – so be careful.

It seems that coffee grounds will sometimes harm your container plants. But which ones? How many grounds?

Can I use coffee grounds as a deodorizer?

Now, one idea I think I will try is using my perked-out grounds to absorb odors in my refrigerator. The suggestion is to dry the grounds; put them in an old yogurt or margarine tub; poke holes in the lid and put it in the fridge and freezer. Should last a month or so.

So many questions. So much to ponder. Let’s go fill our coffee cups talk about these things?

Grace and Peace,

Join the conversation: What do you do with your old coffee grounds?

I Found My Way Back

Hey! I actually remembered how to get back to WordPress and the blog so I could make another post.

My goal was to get Coffee Cup Conversation up and running before this weekend and I did it even though it was few days and a few posts late.

I am on my way to enter a conversation about simple church with my good friend Gerald Aalbers and his leadership team at Freedom Church in Manor, Texas. Be in prayer for us as we explore the practices of the incarnational, missional life.

Who knows who I might meet along the way to further the conversation. I hope to share a few stories and ideas with you about this trip when I get back.

I just realized that I accomplished my first goal of 2010! Doesn’t it feel good to get something done? How about you? What are some of your goals for this new year? Are any of them connected to your walk with Christ?


P.S. If you have any questions or want to chat feel free to make a comment.

Welcome to Coffee Cup Conversation!

Well, I’m two days past the goal I set to get this blog up and running and still not quite ready.  There are still some kinks to work out and some tweaks to make to the appearance.  I’ll be spending the next few weeks putting the final touches to the site but there’s no reason not to get started.

While I go about the process, I hope you find something you can use here. If you have any feedback or suggestions leave a comment or fire off an email and let’s get the conversation started.