Sharing Life and Love – Mom Got It Right

This is a gust post from Kerre Thorne. Kerre seeks to actively live a life on mission with Jesus. In addition to being a great wife and mother, she is my daughter. I was thrilled when she agreed to write a post in honor of her mother (and my wife) Beth.

Beth and Kerre

In Elementary school my brother and I were blessed with friends who’s mothers treated us like their own. Even when I was at a sleep over I always had a mommy hug before bed, but I think our friends had it even better than us! My mom always became more than “my” mom when my friends were around. Everyone was loved and cared for (and from time to time punished) equally. At a young age I learned to share my mommy with others who needed her just as much as I did. Her hugs were wide spread!

As my brother and I got older the concept stayed the same. Reflecting on my teen years, I don’t always remember mothers of my friends that loved me as much as my own did. There were even sad times when my friends moms didn’t seem to love my friends as much I think a mother should. Luckily God gave those friends to me… not because of their families, but because of mine. Especially because of my Mom.

I never gave too much thought to sharing my mother’s love. It was always a natural occurrence and not one that bothered me, but one that I was overly proud of. Her kitchen or living room floor were always open to any friend that needed food and a place to crash, and her arms were always open to a child that needed her love and support.

Beth, Kerre and David circa 1979

I’m grown now, with a 2 year old and a baby on the way and not much has changed. Except that instead of a lot of extra “hey Mom’s” it’s now more often “Mamoo” (our families version of Grandmother). I’m always more than thrilled to walk into my parents house to gather with the church on Sunday’s and Tuesday’s and watch her arms fill up with hugs from little ones that have come to know her as their own.

Even before our simple church experiences Mom “got it.” The concept was never something that she had to learn. And I’m so blessed that she worked to instill it in me. Community and family and sharing life and love. That’s what my Mom has always done and could probably never not do!

Thank you Mommy for loving my friends as much as you love me!


My Mother taught me a lot of the things I learned about living on mission with Jesus. Here are a few of the things she modeled for me while I was in High School:

  1. Serve others – If you drove by our house after our weekly high school football game you would see my uniform hanging on our cloths line to dry. But it would not be by itself. There would be two or three more next to it. You see, she would wash the uniforms of a couple of my friends to help their moms. Not only did she wash them, she scrubbed out the grass stains on white pants with a bar of soap.
  2. Eat with your friends – The guys (and sometimes the gals) ate at my house often. We ate a lot of chicken fried steak! She would feed us before our ball games, after our ball games, on Saturdays, on Sundays . . .
  3. Do life with others at your house – Our house was always open to others. If we were not hosting my friends, they were my brother’s or some group from the church. It seems like someone lived with us almost every summer.
  4. Notice the unnoticed – My mom was always doing things for the kids on the fringes, the ones who often went unnoticed. (see #1 above).

I could keep the list going but you get the picture. Mildred has reached the age of 80 and still teaches young children in Sunday School. She and Dad traveled 200 miles a few weekends ago to lead a lay renewal weekend. They will be involved in another next weekend – its more than 300 miles from their home.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

The Sanders - Jerry, Alton, Millie, Terry - January 2010

Grace and Peace,


When They Didn’t Come

Cheese PartyLeaning forward in her chair as tears welled up in her eyes she shared the hurt of the previous day. We had prayed with her and shared her hopes, so it was our hurt as well. Except for her church friends, only one other person came.

The birthday party for her preschool son was to be more than just a party. She had hoped that it would bring two relational groups together – her church friends and her friends who don’t follow Christ. She longed to see the two groups mingle. To see new friendships established. To let her fellow Christ followers join her in the harvest.

Her pain was not for her son. He had a great time doing life with his simple church family. The presents were plenteous and the cake delicious. The laughter and fellowship flowed like birthday punch. We had a great time – but they didn’t come.

What did we do?

Sitting with her, we identified with her hurt. She shared her pain and we encouraged her. We committed to keep on working.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. – Galatians 6:9 NIV

We like to share our victories and shy away from our disappointments. But we can learn a lot from those difficult times.

Grace and Peace,

Doing Everyday Stuff Together

Church is more than having a weekly meeting – large or small. It includes doing life together. Being part of God’s family is about being connected in friendships. Besides needing a group of friends with whom we can spend a lot of time, doing everyday stuff together is just plain fun.

Let me encourage you to find a group of Christ followers with whom you can…

  • celebrate special occasions
  • have some place to go on the holidays when you have no family near
  • hang out with watching the Final Four, Dancing with the Stars, Lost…
  • call on in the middle of the night for help in a crisis
  • share food, fun, laughter and tears

Randy Frazee writes:

“For most of the last decade of the twentieth century, two television shows, Seinfeld and Friends, consistently received the top awards from the People’s Choice Awards…What both shows have in common is a small group of friends that go in and out of each other’s lives and apartments spontaneously more times in a half hour than most ‘real’ Americans experience in a year. Seinfeld even promoted itself as a show ‘about nothing.’ Why would busy Americans watch a show about nothing? Because it wasn’t about nothing—it was about a group of great friends spending lots of spontaneous time together, talking about everyday stuff and loving every minute of it.”- Randy Frazee; The Connecting Church, page 123

Get together with a group of friends this week and enjoy being together.

Grace and Peace,

Join the Conversation: What are some things your simple church or small group does to experience life together?

Between The Cross And The Empty Tomb

Easter CrossWe are so quick to rush to Sunday and the resurrection that we don’t stop to think about what it was like for Christ’s followers on Saturday. For us Saturday is a day of waiting because we know what happens on Sunday. But for the disciples it was a day of mourning that undoubtedly left them with feelings of hopelessness.

Something deep in their guts cried, “No more!”

  • No more miracles – Jesus is dead.
  • No more healing of broken bodies – Jesus is dead.
  • No more stories about the Kingdom – Jesus is dead.
  • No more Messiah – Jesus is dead.
  • No more water of life – the river is dry.
  • No more bread of life – the oven is cold.
  • Only shadows – no more light.
  • Only the eerie quietness after the passing of a storm.
  • Only death – a tomb – emptiness – hopelessness.

We know the end of the story that they were soon to learn. That they would soon be able to say, “The Lord is risen” and respond with “He is risen indeed!” We know their hope is restored when they encounter the risen Christ.

But, let’s not rush to the empty tomb just yet.

Let’s take some time today and try to feel the pain, the emptiness, the lostness. Let’s try to identify with those all around us who have not yet found the hope of the resurrection.

Pause on this Saturday and as best as possible feel the hopelessness of a world without Jesus.

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      It’s Friday But…

      Igniter Media Group describes their video Sunday’s Comin with these words:

      The story of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion is one of betrayal, brutality, despair, and pain. Yet we know even before His death that redemption was promised to be coming soon. We know that the story does not end at the cross. We know what many did not realize — that Sunday’s comin’.

      Watch here as Pastor John L. Jefferson narrates . . .

      It's Friday But Sunday's Comin

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