Spending Time With FriendsThis Easter I read the accounts of Christ’s final week before the cross looking for insight as to what his activities teach me about his mission. I wanted to know how I could better participate in that mission (John 20:21). I gained some new perspectives on the 7 days leading up to Easter.

Christ’s post-resurrection activities.

I’ve been thinking about what shape Christ’s mission took in his post resurrection activities. What did Jesus do during the 40 days between the resurrection and the ascension?

Today I read “Jesus is Risen but What Happened to the Kingdom?” by Christine Sine over at Godspace. She writes,

“No neon lights, no CNN interviews, no leading armies against the Roman legions. All we see is a man spending time with his friends – sharing meals, (even cooking breakfast for them) calming their fears, dispelling their doubts and overturning their confusion…”

It got me to thinking about how Jesus did life together with his followers. He sends us as agents of reconciliation in  his Kingdom mission but he also models for us the life habit of doing everyday stuff with fellow sojourners.

Christine draws these conclusions and I resonate in agreement with her,

“…maybe the kingdom looks like us living as representatives of that loving God – loving others as God loved us – sharing meals and other resources, calming fears, dispelling doubts and in the process laying the foundations for a loving, caring community such as we see portrayed in the book of Acts.”

Grace and Peace,

Join the Conversation: How does spending time with other Christ followers fulfill the Kingdom mission on which we are sent by Jesus?